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We pride ourselves on providing easy to assemble quality wooden home bars at prices you'll find incredibly reasonable.

We feature an interactive selection guide, which will take the guess work out of the ordering process, and of course our sales team is always ready to help with bar sizing and questions on other selections.  To make it even easier, we include nationwide shipping in all of our catalog pricing and custom build quotes.  Answers to many of the most commonly asked questions can be found on our FAQs page.  We also welcome great conversation.  Feel free to contact us anytime.


Our Build Process Explained


  • The bar panels are first fashioned from templates.  From those panels, the exterior shell takes form.

  • Next, we install any shelving and cabinet doors, before installing the bar kit's counter top.

  • The bar is then sanded and inspected.

  • We then send pictures of the frame, introducing you to your new bar!

  • The bar kit is then taken apart, and either moved into stain finishing (if selected with your order) or prepped for shipping.  If the bar kit is stain finished, you'll receive photos of the components stained and sealed just prior to shipping.

  • Order to delivery takes about 6-8 weeks (varies during holidays).  Setup instructions and hardware are in the box!  Setup needs only a screwdriver and about an hour's time.


  • We ship UPS Ground, and you're copied on the tracking numbers once the bar is on the way!

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