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About Us

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Our Story

Small beginnings.

In 2015, my wife and I needed a small home bar for our basement recreation room.  I built 2 of them, and sold one on Ebay for about what I paid to build it.  It was a great experiment.  Gradually, I increased the price of it to make it profitable, and they still were selling.  After a time, we had a customer ask us if we could deliver and install one of our LED illuminated bars to his house.  He was in New York, we're from the Philadelphia area, so we went ahead and were happy to do that for him.  He asked us if we've ever sold anything on Etsy.  I had never heard of Etsy, but soon we were there, and growing in popularity.  Customers were giving us custom ideas for new bar shapes and sizes, and our catalog continued to grow.  At this time, it was 2016 and we had built a little over a 200 bars in this small basement space!


Then we got pregnant with my daughter, and it was time to move the little operation into a more suitable space.  The dust wouldn't have been healthy.  We leased our first commercial space, which was a big scary step.  

The new space allowed us to offer new products, larger builds, and turned out to be a great move. 


Soon we were outgrowing our small rented space, thanks in part to Etsy and our own website.

This felt big when we first moved in!


Great changes and advancements keep coming. Our new facility once again feels big, and we've 

never been busier.  We're going to keep growing, and keep building!

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