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These are some of the more often asked questions as you begin to consider having a custom home bar made. 
Check it out! 

Q:  How do you ship?
A:  We ship FEDEX Ground.  A signature isn't required on delivery.   Tracking numbers are copied to you once the bar ships.

Q:  How does the bar arrive?
A:  The bar arrives in several boxes, each one measuring 48x24x12.  This will make it easy for you to get the bar inside your home or business, down stairwells and around corners.

Q:  How long until delivery of my new bar?
A:  While it varies somewhat, because some orders are more custom than others, typically new orders deliver in 6-8 weeks from the day ordered.

Q:  Do you accept cancellations?
A:  A new order may be cancelled up to 1 week after being placed.  After 1 week, labor and materials have been expended toward your project and the order cannot be cancelled for any reason.  Changes however to the layout and options of the order may still be put in through support.  

Q:  Do you accept returns?
A:  All goods are handcrafted and built custom to order. Due to the custom nature of our product line, we do not accept returns. Our support staff is however able to assist you with any installation need that you have.

Q:  What happens if something arrives damaged?
A:  It's rare, but we can help.  We carefully record all of the components used in making your bar.  That way, if something does arrive damaged, we can quickly and easily replace that component.

Q:  What's the bar made of?

A:  The bar's base and interior is made from blemish and knot 1/2" hardwood.  The bar's top section is made from 3/4" red oak or birch plywood (depending on availability).  The bar finishes nicely (gallery) and assembles simply with stainless steel hardware.

Q:  Is the bar difficult to assemble?
A:  Not at all.  Diagrammed instructions used for assembly are always right here on the website for download.  Even our largest models will only need about an hour's time and a screwdriver for setup.

Q:  How does payment work?
A:  We're always adding new services and plans.  Currently, you can:

1.  Purchase directly from the product catalog.  A representative will contact you with a simple sales agreement and an invoice that can be paid securely online.

2.  Request a custom quote which will generate a proposal.  If  the proposal is approved, you'll be able to purchase the custom build via an emailed invoice with a 50% deposit.

The balance is due about 6-8 weeks later when we're ready to ship your new custom home bar.

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